Our Boys


Meet Danny, the main man at Hevnsent. Danny is lagotto royalty. He was bred by the late Margaret Giles, who was largely responsible for establishing the lagotto breed in Australia. Danny is a fantastic looking dog and we love him because he is a really easy dog to live with. He's about the most gentlemanly lagotto we've ever met, and loves nothing more than a good smooch - except perhaps his several girlfriends. Most of our current litters are sired by Danny. His puppies are glorious and also smart. Several of them are in training for roles as assistance or detection dogs, and many more and making their owners very happy as terrific companions.


Nino is the new kid on our block. We found him in Tasmania and added him to our team because, along with his lovely pedigree and excellent health results, he's a real character, with loads of personality. He's also an unusual colour for us, and he's producing some spectacular looking kids. Check the puppy pages to see how gorgeous they are.


This is Hamish, the king of the farm. He was our first lagotto male and we imported him from New Zealand when we were just starting out and wanted a boy that wasn't closely related to every other lagotto in Australia. Hamish is a big boy and a bit more energetic than is necessary, but he's very sound and has a fantastic temperament, which he's passed on to the daughters that became the backbone of our breeding program. Now retired from breeding, he's a great role model for our pups and enjoys showing them around the farm.


How cute is this puppy? He's our newest addition and we are hoping he grows up to become our next stud dog. That's a little ways off yet but we are really enjoying having him around. He's a gentle pup and very loving and quiet, exactly what we are trying to produce. Let's hope he lives up to his early promise.