Our Girls

Our Lagotto girls are precious and we love every one of them. They form the backbone of our breeding program and are carefully selected on the basis of their health and temperament. As a general rule (which we break on a regular basis), we keep girls from our own lines and add boys from outside when we need new genetic material. Some of our girls live with friends in the community and come back to the farm when it's time for them to have pups. Others live with us. Most have about 3-4 litters and then retire to enjoy life as somebody's much loved pet. We sometimes have an older girl looking for just the right home, so please contact us if you might be able to provide one with a wonderful home. In the meantime, scroll down to meet our lovely ladies.


Current Girls


Georgie, shown here relaxing just before her latest lot of puppies arrived, is one of our more mature breeding girls. She did have plans to retire after her fourth litter arrived early in 2020 but she just loves being a mum and her pups are so fantabulous that we decided to have one more litter before finding her a forever home. Georgie is not very big but she has a big heart and many of her puppies have proven themselves to be invaluable as assistance dogs or pets. We've also kept a couple of them close by so they can carry on the family tradition.


Mabel is a bit of a supermodel, with very long legs and a lovely trim figure. She only had three puppies in her first litter but made up for this with nine in litter number two. Now she's having a break before her third litter arrives, hopefully mid 2020. When Mabel is not busy with babies she tends to spend her time hunting turtles. It's a weird hobby but she can spend hours in our dam, swimming back and forth until she finds her prize. She then brings it out, puts it in someone's lap and goes about her business. The poor turtle, meanwhile, is put back where it belongs.


McKenzie is one of our larger girls, although her mum, Georgie, is very petite. She's an athlete who loves to run, swim, leap and dance. A lovely roan colour, we are waiting to see what colour her puppies will be. Her first litter, with Errol the wonderdog, is expected mid 2020.


OK, we admit that Isabella is a mummy's girl. She loves to play games with the other dogs but is a sensitive soul and also likes to snuggle on the couch. She was the first of our dogs to have a 'whoops' litter, when she was just 12 months old and found herself unattended for just a second at a critical moment. She's had three more litters since then and is expecting to retire after her next litter, which will likely arrive late in 2020.


Heidi is a sweet little girl who stayed at Hevnsent to replace her lovely mum, Beth, when Beth retired. A grand-daughter of our first Lagotto girl, RiffRaff and our original stud male Hamish, Heidi adorable. She's always up for a game or a cuddle and loves playing aunty to our pups. Her first litter, to the fun-loving Errol, is due to arrive mid 2020.


Gracie (Ladinamica Francisca) wasn't bred at Hevnsent but came from one of our breeder friends who used Danny as a stud male. She's a very sweet little girl who quickly wormed her way into our hearts. She loves to run and dance but, once in the house, is very content to sleep underneath a desk all day. Gracie has never been any trouble to live with and we can't wait until she grows up enough to have her own puppies, maybe mid to late 2021 if we are lucky.


Coming soon!


Cricket has had two lovely litters of puppies who look just like she does, white with brown patches including 'choc top' heads. She's having a holiday with a friend now but plans to come back to the farm to have more babies towards the end of 2020. Cricket is a crazy stick fetcher who loves to swim. She's happy to spend entire days pushing the other dogs under water as she scrambles to collect floating toys.


We kept Lily when her mum, Lulu, retired from breeding and moved to a farm. She's one of two girls we have kept who were sired by Nino. One of our cheekiest young dogs, it's rare to see Lily without something in her mouth - sometimes a toy but just as often someone's underwear or a sock. She's impossible to be mad at so gets away with more than she should.


Schnitzel is a young lady who stayed at Hevnsent almost by accident, went her first home fell through. She's a bit of a piggy with her food (she inherited this from her mum Georgie) and was a handful as a puppy, but now she's settled in well and is very much part of the family. Not old enough to have her own puppies yet, we are hoping she grows up to be as wonderful as her Hevnsent parents.