Our Girls

Our Lagotto girls are precious and we love every one of them. They form the backbone of our breeding program and are carefully selected on the basis of their health and temperament. As a general rule (which we break on a regular basis), we keep girls from our own lines and add boys from outside when we need new genetic material. Some of our girls live with friends in the community and come back to the farm when it's time for them to have pups. Others live with us. Most have about 3-4 litters and then retire to enjoy life as somebody's much loved pet. We sometimes have an older girl looking for just the right home, so please contact us if you might be able to provide one with a wonderful home. In the meantime, scroll down to meet our lovely ladies.


Current Girls


Bio coming soon!


Georgie just had her second litter, born May 8, 2018. She's pictured here wondering where the little choc-top white puppy came from, with all her other children so far being very dark brown. Her pups are growing fast and dreaming of their new homes. Two of Georgie's puppies from her last litter are in training as assistance dogs, so their lives could well be full of adventure.


Cricket is nearly old enough to have her first litter. Her genetic tests have come back good and her hips are lovely so she's all ready to be a mum. She loves puppies so can't wait.


Mabel is one of our younger girls. She is growing fast and having lots of fun on the farm in the meantime. Mabel is a bit of a supermodel, with very long legs and a lovely build. All the boys are waiting for her to grow up so they can ask her for a date.


Gretel is another young lady who stayed at Hevnsent almost by accident. She was injured as a puppy and by the time she'd recovered, we liked her too much to see her go. Now she's one of our favourite dogs, just a wonderful example of the breed. And her temperament is fantastic - her two sisters are off training to be assistance dogs and it is hoped that Gretel will one day produce puppies that will be equally important to some special owners.


Heidi is a sweet little girl who stayed at Hevnsent to replace her lovely mum, Beth, who retired from breeding after her fourth litter and moved to Melbourne to become a much loved companion. We miss Beth, but Heidi is fitting in well and is great friends with Gretel. The pair of them are ALWAYS up to no good, but do it with such charm that you just can't help laughing.


Bramble is one of our youngest girls, having just joined our breeding team after passing all her health tests and evaluations. She joined Hevnsent from her original home in Tasmania and has settled in well, although she spends most of her time staying with her aunties Nay and Jess. She's a little bit cheeky but a LOT bit loveable and is loving learning what farm life is all about.


bio coming soon!


bio coming soon!