Our Girls

Our Lagotto girls are precious and we love every one of them. They form the backbone of our breeding program and are carefully selected on the basis of their health and temperament. As a general rule (which we break on a regular basis), we keep girls from our own lines and add boys from outside when we need new genetic material. Some of our girls live with friends in the community and come back to the farm when it's time for them to have pups. Others live with us. Most have about 3-4 litters and then retire to enjoy life as somebody's much loved pet. We sometimes have an older girl looking for just the right home, so please contact us if you might be able to provide one with a wonderful home. In the meantime, scroll down to meet our lovely ladies.


Current Girls


McKenzie is one of our larger girls, although her mum, Georgie, is very petite. She's an athlete who loves to run, swim, leap and dance. A lovely roan colour, she's had three gorgeous litters, with puppies ranging in colour from cream through to orange through to roan through to brown. It's always exciting when her pups arrive as we never know what to expect.


Phoebe is our most elegant lagotto, although it's hard to see this elegance when she's dripping wet. We call her our supermodel; with long legs and a small waist, she moves like a ballet dancer and is a joy to watch. She also has a lovely soft temperament and is very friendly. Our lovely lady had her first litter in May, 2022, with six gorgeous teddy bears surprising us with their arrival. Five of the six took after their dad, Crumpet, with lovely creamy and orange coats. They were also amongst the largest puppies we've seen, weighing close to double what we expect. Phoebe was a great mum and her puppies thrived. She'll likely have a second litter some time early in 2023.


Winnie is a delightful young lady, one of the sweetest little girls we own. She was dark brown as a puppy but lightened right off to a lovely milk coffee colour as she grew. She's an angel. Never any trouble and a great role model for any puppies who cross her path. Not a very big young lady, we were very surprised when her first litter just kept coming - ten lovely puppies in total - and with a very wide range of colours. She's now taking a break and enjoying the single woman lifestyle, but will likely have another family in 2023.


Gracie (Ladinamica Francisca) wasn't bred at Hevnsent but came from one of our breeder friends who used Danny as a stud male. She's a very sweet girl who quickly wormed her way into our hearts. She loves to run and dance but, once in the house, is very content to sleep underneath a desk all day. Gracie had her first litter in 2021 and her pups were awesome. One is doing great in the showring in Brisbane. She'll likely have her second litter in the later part of 2022.


We kept Lily when her mum, Lulu, retired from breeding. One of our cheekiest girls, it's rare to see Lily without something in her mouth - sometimes a toy but just as often someone's underwear or a sock. She's impossible to be mad at so gets away with more than she should. Lily had her first litter in 2020, her second very early in 2021 and her third late in 2021. She's now having a well deserved rest from all those puppies and is enjoying hanging out on the farm. She has quite big litters and her pups are making families happy all over Australia. We even kept several of them as part of our doggie family. Check out the happy-go-lucky Benson in our 'boys' page, who is just as naughty as his mum used to be.


Tess is our smallest lagotto, even though her dad is our biggest boy, Errol. She's half the size of our biggest girls. She inherited her dad's lovely tan markings and is just a blast to live with. She's a happy, joyful soul who loves nothing better than to chase the swallows who taunt her with their evil games. Tess had her first litter on Christmas day, 2021 and was an awesome mum - even when her pups were nearly as big as she is. She's looking forward to having a second litter late in 2022.


Mabel is a bit of a supermodel, with very long legs and a lovely trim figure. She only had three puppies in her first litter but made up for this with nine in litter number two and eight in litter three and four. Now she's having a break in a new home while we decide whether to have another litter with her or let her retire. When Mabel is not busy with babies she tends to spend her time hunting turtles. It's a weird hobby but she can spend hours in our dam, swimming back and forth until she finds her prize. She then brings it out, puts it in someone's lap and goes about her business. The poor turtle, meanwhile, is put back where it belongs.


Tilly is a lovely young lady who stayed at Hevnsent by accident, went her first home fell through. She's a bit of a piggy with her food (she inherited this from her mum) and was a handful as a puppy, but now she's settled in well and is very much part of the family. Her first litter were excellent and she had her second mid 2022 - only three puppies but they are awfully cute.


Dolly, shown here sporting her working woman's haircut, is an active, agile, exuberant young lady who spends her time doing stuff. She's perfectly happy sitting still when she needs to, but would rather be out on the farm sniffing out treasures or decorating herself with horse manure. She lives with friends in Bendigo but has returned to the farm to have two litters so far, both full of lovely outgoing puppies. She's having a good long break now but will likely have kids again in 2023.