Our Partners

Demand for our puppies is overwhelming and we are cautious about taking on more dogs than we can comfortably manage. In 2019 we decided to address this issue by inviting some of our friends to join us. Jess and Nay were our first partners. They live five minutes from our front door on a lovely little farm where they keep chickens, goats, sheep and guinea fowl. Jess has been involved in animal rescue for years, already owned several dogs, and is currently completing a PhD examining different approaches to companion dog breeding. With Nay, she purchased her first breeding Lagotto in 2019, and later set up her own kennel prefix, Ludivine. They now have 2-3 litters per year, which keeps them busy and means we have access to more pups for our long list of potential owners. Jess and Nay's small breeding team are shown below.


Bramble might not be at her most elegant in this photo but she's a farm dog after all and prefers to be happy rather than clean. Bramble is equal parts cheeky and sweet and has a nose that would rival a bloodhounds. She's only a small 'gottie but makes up for it with spunk and keeps up with the rest! Apart from swimming and chasing ducks, Bramble spends her time playing with the other dogs during the day and snuggling in bed with Nay and Jess at night. Earlier this year she had seven lovely puppies and Jess couldn't let go of one of them, Nutmeg, who you can read about below.


Nutmeg was one of four brown girls in Jess and Nay's first litter. We suspect she may have been the naughtiest one, but she's finding her place on the farm and is learning how not to chase the chickens or annoy the sheep.  Time will tell if she's good enough to join the breeding team but her pedigree is impeccable so we are feeling reasonably confident.


The one who started it all! The matriarch at Ludivine, Charlotte was the first 'gottie of Jess and Nay's. She was bred by us at Hevnsent by the late Eddie (Tartufo Eduardo) out of a retired girl of ours, Molly. A chubby singleton puppy, Charlotte was quite a character from the start and whilst you won't see any puppies by her (don't ask us about her hips!), she is a firm family member and very loved by Jess and Nay. She spends her days thinking about her next bum scratch, keeping the puppies in line and reminding all the other dogs that she is the favourite. If you visit their farm, you'll be sure to meet her!


Coming from Incavale in NSW, Nancy is Jess' first show dog and was working her way towards her championship title when COVID struck down all thoughts of dog showing. She's now had a hair cut more suited to farm life and has decided to trade glamour for a family until the world rights itself again. Hopefully her first litter of pups, sired by our very own Danny, will arrive some time in the second half of 2020.


Crumpet (Glenstar Like a Rolling Stone) is a kiwi-bred boy who arrived at Jess and Nay's from Glenstar Lagottos mid 2019. Having begun his show career before COVID-19 hit, he has fitted in well and has been charming judges and the general public alike with his very sweet nature all across Victoria. Crumpet is a water-dog to his core and he has a spectacular dive-bomb. His best friend is Nancy and the two could spend hours playing chasey or frisbee. He has quite a bit of growing to do yet but we think he's pretty special!


Could you resist this? Hannah is one of eight puppies produced by Georgie and Errol in 2020. We decided she needed to stay close to home so she joined the team at Ludivine, where she and Nutmeg spend their days happily romping on the farm. Let's hope Hannah lives up to her early promise. She is a delightful puppy and will most likely have beautiful puppies of her own one day.