Our Puppies

Puppies is one of the things we do best at Hevnsent. We've spent a lot of time learning how to breed good dogs and rear good puppies. Our parent dogs are carefully matched using whatever health and temperament information we have available. This includes sending saliva swabs to Finland for a full genetic analysis! We also pay careful attention to the health and welfare of our adult dogs. Our mums and dads are fit, healthy and happy. They live in comfort, eat a nutritionally rich and diverse natural diet, enjoy hanging out on the farm and get to frolic on the farm and swim most days.

Our pups are born in the house and we monitor them closely until they are big enough to go out into a special complex built close to the house. Rearing them outside means that they never learn to toilet indoors and are less likely to develop separation anxiety when they need to spend time alone as adults. Before they leave our home all pups are vet checked. They are also well socialised and have experienced many small environmental challenges. Our pups run up and down hills, fall into ditches, play with cardboard boxes and plastic tubs, jump in puddles and climb in and out of buckets and ice-cream containers. This makes them very sociable as well as resilient and confident.

Below are some photos of pups we've bred. Notice how cute the little guys are, but don't let this fool you. We do our best to make sure our puppies are well suited to modern life, but they are, first and foremost, REAL dogs. This means they are messy, destructive, active, naughty and noisy. Like all dogs, they need training and time to develop into mature adults, and this is the job of their new owners. We'll help all we can, but most of the hard work needs to be done in the first twelve months of a dog's life.