Our Boys


Danny (centre), shown here with two of his daughters, has been the main man at Hevnsent for quite some time. Danny is lagotto royalty. He was bred by the late Margaret Giles of Tartufo Lagottos, who was largely responsible for establishing the lagotto breed in Australia. Danny is a fantastic looking dog but we love him mostly because he is a really easy dog to live with. He's about the most gentlemanly lagotto we've ever met, and loves nothing more than a gentle smooch. Until recently most of our litters were sired by Danny, but he's slowed down a bit now, not because he's not still awesome, but because he is dad to most of our breeding girls and father-daughter matings are not something we would ever do. His puppies are glorious and also smart. Several of them are in training to work as assistance or detection dogs, and many more are making their owners very happy as terrific companions. Danny is OK with being a grandfather, but he still has a couple of litters each year and we continue to be impressed with his wonderful kids.


Errol is a wonderful dog and he's currently having the time of his life, making lots of lovely puppies when he isn't romping around the farm or curled up asleep on our bed. He came to us from Parity Lagottos and has a lovely international pedigree which doesn't overlap with the ones our girls have, so his puppies are out-crosses - expected to be more robust and healthy than dogs who are closely line-bred.  They've also proven themselves to be very colourful, with pups in his first few litters ranging from cream and orange through to roan and brown. Errol is exactly what we are looking for in a Lagotto. He is slightly larger than we'd like, but he's very friendly and approachable and gets on well with our other dogs. He's also a terrific house dog; very clean inside and never destructive or anxious.


We kept Benson from an Errol X Lily litter born in 2020. We don't normally keep male puppies since they end up being too closely related to our girls to breed from, but we made an exception with Benson because he was just sooooo cute. He's now grown up enough to have his own puppies and is waiting eagerly for us to find the right girl. He has loads of personality and is a real character who keeps us all laughing. We are just waiting for the day when he manages to keep all four feet on the ground at once - he thinks his name is 'Down Benson' because that's all we ever say when he's around.